Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stardoll? Is it keeping me away from my real love art?

Yeah guys, I know I have not written anything in like years and ages but honestly here's something I think of for quite a long time and it's kind of related to stardoll.

When I joined stardoll, I was super excited and in love with the way it works. I bacame a superstar and my horizons went wider. Than I was suddenly in the blogging world improving my writing just as graphic skills. Hell yeah, that is what I thought and you may think of me as of a blunt person now but I don't really like the stardoll world anymore. I guess it comes with ages, since I am 15 now and lots of things have changed and mostly it's related to my interests. I always wanted to improve my skills in digital art and now finally I can say I have made a good and clean beginning, without stardoll or sims 3 world (that's where I spent my time in past 2 or 3 months). Okay I do use some stardoll graphics techniques because there are actually good ones but I like challenging myself and that's what actually helps you improve your skills . Although, I have developed one more more big interest and it's coding and making HTML templates which happened because I am addicted to tumblr and I am really inetersted in making my own themes. So what's the point at the end?

The point is that I realized stardoll was getting me away from what I really like and it's art. I'll keep blogging here about real life and some other useful things, of course it depends what you mean by "useful".

Excuse me If I used short names for some words, I got used to write the chat language. ;)

MMG people is going off now.


Anonymous said...

Finally someone who likes html coding :) I love doing html on blogger, I haven't really figured out html coding on tumblr yet though :P

MissMicaGolden said...

Yeah, well I strted first with html press on stardoll and than i figured out it is really easy to do it once you learn the basics. Thanks for commenting. MMG