Sunday, January 08, 2012

Stardoll Wigs

Good morning,
The other day I posted about the other big stardesign jewlery trend of the 'closed eyes.'There really isn't a great name or word for it, so I'll stick with that. Today I am talking about the wig. I'm sure we've all seen this around everywhere from every day members to the covergirl winners.
*picture above: covergirl winner: _-_summer_-_ covergirl runner up: charming-lil and brandyy*

These wigs are found in starbazaars all over dollyworld. Check out the broadcasts and I guarantee you will find endless results of wigs.
*just a few of the many broadcasts*

I will warn you, they can be hit and miss. I have found some sensational wigs for pretty decent money and some terrible ones, that really give the whole idea a bad name.
*A couple of  the wigs I own. The second I am not fond of...*

I truly love this trend. It may be slightly over  done but it really can change the look of your doll. Let's face it stardoll does not offer a great variety of hair, especially for members who do not have a lot of starpoints or are not superstars. You can find some amazing looking wigs. I personally am I fan of
 _-_summer_-_'s wig and that sort of style.

We have to give a litle credit to the makers of these wigs because lets face it, it's not easy:
*my failed attempt*



loong said... highly recommend.. I personally purchased a lot of human hair hand made wefts and human hair wigs from i got my hair so fast and it is absolutely the softest, most beautiful hair i have ever seen it is always smooth and delightful, the quality of the hair is wonderful, this hair is awesome! the hair was simple to maintain and i love the natural look of it i got tons of compliments! excellent quality and durability ,it is easy to work with and maintain on

Megame4ever said...

I personally L-O-V-E Stardoll wigs. My inspiration is c; Ive designed some wigs myself, too. Check them out? They arent the greatest, but it would be cool to sell some c; Heres the link to me and my friend Kaseys designing club- Its also a work in progress, we made it 2 or 3 days ago. And I have some wigs in my beauty parlor I could probably sell, and heres the link-

Check it out c; I love your post by the way. Very well planned out and organized!

cia-lynn said...

I will defintely check it out. Thank you so much.

monica // dazzfairy18fan said...

I love all the wigs of the covergirls & runnerups (:

Birdie Crafts said...

I love your wigs and your blog!!!