Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fame Monster Tutorial: T_Louise (7)

Welcome back my favorite hoes, I'm going over many "elites" and their make-up looks. Of course some of them will be modified. But also I recommend you don't copy these people's looks by 100% because you could look like a poser and annoy some people. Besides from make-up I'll try to go over their facial features from eyebrows to noses.
This look like many others to come is modified. This is " t_louise " she is a regular stardoll member, but she is one of the non-staff Stardoll Royalty mangers ! 


Her facial features.. 


Step One: Simply put on some gloss, I added a pink-ish lipstick for color.
Step Two: Apply some lengthening mascara .
Step Three: Like many other tutorials, put on some white eye pencil at the tip of the eyes only. 
Step Four: Apply some black liquid eyeliner to the other parts of the eye. Don't create a wing. And be carful and take time with this step (:
Step Five: Put on some fash lashes, bottom and top. And if you have those old Hot Buy lashes (if i'm correct) use them. 
Step Six: Apply  black shadow to the back part of the eye. Make you leave some room for the above part of the eye lid. If you get what I mean by that, and make it nice&dark.
Step Seven: Apply some cream/vanilla-ish color to the front part of the eyes. 
Step Eight: Get a color that you have a lighter shade of. Like I'm using purple&lilac, or t_louise used Dark Blue-sih/Blue. So apply your colored eye shadow (purple) right above the black eyeshadow, leave some room for above too.
Step Nine: Now apply your lighter color (lilac). Above the dark shade.
Step Ten: Apply some blush at the "rims" of the face. Don't go past the lips. 
Step Eleven: Use that 4000 starpoints hair and add a cute head band. And CHA-BAM your done. Almost looking like t_loiuses twin.