Writing Tips

  1. Capitalize the words in your title! Ex. I Love Cheese!, Philip Is Crazy, Why Are You In My House? - Its to show that you are journalizing something, think of it as a book title!
  2. Research your topic before you write about it! - This is something you don't have to do, but it is better if you look into the subject you are about to talk about than just free-styling it, not everyone can just start from scratch and make a masterpiece!
  3. Spell check is a must! - Always use spell check, you never know what spelling mistakes you have from mistyping words!
  4. Re-read what you write before you post it! - Along with spell checking, you should at least read over what you write at least once to make sure you are using proper grammar or wording! We all make mistakes, so this can help for you to not create them!
  5. Do NOT over use (or under use) punctuation marks! - If you use to many at once, it can make you look like an imbecile. Ex. Saying 'I am so mad! Why is everyone so mean?!' opposed to, 'I am so mad!!!! Why is everyone so mean???!!!' AND, remember to use them when needed! Ex. Saying 'A woman without her man is nothing', with proper comma use, it can be like this 'A woman, without her man, is nothing', or that, 'A woman, without her, man is nothing' And before I forgot, use proper apostrophe marks! Ex. don't, not dont, can't, not cant, won't, not wont.
  6. Remember the basics of proper capitalization! - There is a huge difference between saying 'I helped my Uncle Jack off of a horse.' opposed to, 'i helped my uncle jack off a horse.' And the same goes for people who do this -> Hello My Name Is Blah And I Type Like This.
  7. And the last I would like to say is: Calm down on smileys! - Its okay to use smileys here and there, BUT if it is a more professional post or you are posting on a business or information orientated blog, smileys can make you look very very unprofessional.
These are just a few tips! They can defiantly improve your blogging skills, I am sure of it.

Love, Dei (To_Royal)
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And I'd like to add that,
i) you should with either put your post in center or left side alignment.
ii) Stick with the blog's default font.
iii) And don't over space everything.
- Supa_star4real