Friday, December 02, 2011

Stardoll Trends, love em' and hate em'

*Before I start this post I would like to thank you all for getting me into the final three. It really means so much to me. Writing is something I really want to major in. I love to write, and express. If I get eliminated thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity, and If I don't thank you so much!

What is it really like to fit in? Are you someone who pays attention to what people wear? Do you occasionally say "Oh, I like that top!"?  Of course you do! In real life, and Stardoll many people pay attention to what other members are wearing. We all follow them. Now, whats the difference between trends on Stardoll and trends in real life? If you really think about it, nothing! 

Now, a phenomenal example of one of the most common trends on Stardoll is "The black and white smokey eye." Every girl on Stardoll puts black and white eye shadow on. I'm sure many of you have seen this before, and I'm positive that most of you have worn it before!

In real life, many of you guys that actually wear makeup probably look at others for inspiration, correct? I know I do. Many people who are starters look at their friends, and compare celebrities makeup. Guys don't realize how important wearing makeup and looking good is for us. If you try to compare Stardoll and real life, they're very alike. Now, on stardoll we see news about celebrities and dress up their dolls. I always look at their makeup just for fun, or usually for inspiration. On Stardoll you make many friends, and you might look at their makeup. Also, many of you probably look at various makeup tutorials on certain blogs and try it out. Try to think about these trends in real life. Ask yourself, what do you use for inspiration? Stardoll trends and trends in real life are quite similar, you may just not notice it at times. 

Something else that you notice is how many people are using the free starpoint picture frames for their rooms. I must say, most of the rooms with these look outstanding! I'm jealous! Whoever started that is a real trend-setter! Anyways, many talented suite designers are using their creativity to make their rooms look sort of "3D." With these picture frames, you can use either star design wall color or even lamps to make your room really pop!

This room is just fantastic!
I love how this room is just nice and quiet, with a touch of creativity.
Many people get ideas from other suites, and I have to admit I'm one of them.
There are some really talented suite designers out there!

Anyways, people in real life use many things to come up with the design of their room. This includes, magazines, media, and friends. Magazines help a lot because everything is so perfect, so you can use them as something to base your room off of. Even though many rooms in television shows aren't really "real" many people enjoy making their room look like theirs for fun. Now the really big impact is friends. People follow their friends all the time! On stardoll, it's quite different. I think most of the time people base their rooms off of their creativity. Also, many people also copy other rooms from talented designers on stardoll. How do you design your real room and suite?


One beach villa I absoulutley love is "chloe-99's" Now, she really has some talent!
When I first saw It I loved it. You can see the time and effort put into it. 
As I said earlier, some of these rooms tend to "Pop" and even 
look 3D. 
Chloe-99's one room is just drop dead gorgeous! 
I would love to possess her talent. Nice job, Chloe!
Very impressive, and unique!

Do you follow any certain trends on stardoll
or do you try to be a trend setter?
Will you create the next trend on stardoll?
Let your creativity shine, and show us your talent
by displaying it with your suite, style, and makeup!



SDV \\ supa_star4real said...

After the first paragraph, it seemed like you were sorta giving 'reviews' of the rooms you showed. And please tell me how they were relevant.

Anonymous said...

no offense but debbie you are confused by ur own topic. so far you've asked every single contestant "how is this relevant/apply to real life?" I mean come on, im just a reader and I CAN FIGURE IT OUT!

Anonymous said...

Wow chloe-99's suite is cool

Anonymous said...

love it!