Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Introduction post+ Stardoll Wigs Trends and Designers

Hello everyone, my name is Milica and as you have probably heard I'm the new co-owner of the blog. I don't have banner yet but I couldn't wait anymore. So, I've been on stardoll about 2 years I think but I had a long break during 2011. At the moment I'm 14 years old but that will change in July this year. Beside this blog I co-own and Eris on Stardoll and I also write for one sports blog, so I'm very busy with blogging. Blogging is probably the reason why I'm still on stardoll but there are some other things that are keeping me on stardoll. Like my friends, modeling career...

Now let's stop rambling about me and get on the real topic.

For my first post I've chosen to talk about Wigs Trends and their designers. We all know that wigs are really, really popular on stardoll and many designers, now have the chance to prove their creativity and their originality. What makes me sick about this is that sometimes on the list of the Top Designers are not really talented people. I'm sure you all remember Mireina or whatever her name was(I can'r remember it) and her designs. Now it's not that I'm saying she didn't deserve to be on the list, I'm just saying that there are better designers than she is. She's only one example in the bunch of them. From the other side I'm impressed with some designers and their talent as just as creativity. Personally my favorite designers are SweetPatty and Talllyyy.

As much as I can notice the most popular wigs on stardoll are braids and curly hair wigs. I've found some really nice designs  from this talented designer Moiragrog. This are her quite nice and in my opinion beautiful designs on every way .

The second designer and the last one I'm going to show you is a well-known and famous designer on stardoll. Guess who it is?
Of course one and only MikaKatia.

Her designs are original and unique. Most of her wigs have standard cost but If we take in consider how much time she spends just to make them, I think they should be more expensive. However it's just my opinion but most of stardoll users are buying some not quite nice designs, because they're cheep. That's not the case with me; I like to buy something that is a good product and something that I'll wear with pleasure.

Hope you liked this post,



Sydnei Raye (designersecrets) said...

Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

moiragrog said...

hi this is moiragrog :) thankyou so much for your kind words i am very grateful! i'm glad you are so fond of my wigs and i am honoured to have been included in an article along with the lovely mikakatia :)) thankyou very much :P xxx