Sunday, November 04, 2012

MDM GONE "Big heart attack for stardoll's blogging world"

A shocking news everyone, MDM is officially gone.

As you can see in the picture the MDM's co owner is giving us a last goodbye post.

Apparently this all happened because of many anonymous readers that were hating on every single post of MDM. Watching from my perspective stardoll's blogging world just had a BIG HEART ATTACK.  This was one of the best blogs, only the best bloggers wrote there and the most talented too. The blog was perfect in every way from graphics to the quality of the posts. However since Noelle and Isabella left the blog to the new generation, readers just did not get used to them. They wanted old MDM and could not understand the value of the new one.

My personal opinion is that MDM was always one of the best stardoll blogs and always will be, they did not reach their fame writing about free staff and low quality posts. Their fame was deserved in every way, the topics and the quality of the writers have always impressed me and they still do.

"That is how an era ends in stardoll blogging world, how it will be and look a like without MDM I don't know but I am sure things will never be the same."


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